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Any property that has landscaped areas looks stunning and the open, green spaces encourage you to spend time in your yard. But it’s important that your garden be designed with attention to detail and that all the areas be demarcated well. The right elements, materials and finishes must be used in order to maintain balance in the landscape.

When you want landscaping that looks great and functions well, it’s important to hire the services of an experienced and well-established company like Fikes Design. They cater to customers in and around Penrose, Hendersonville, Asheville, and Brevard; have built a solid customer base across Fletcher, Flat Rock, Lake Lure, and Weaverville and have handled a number of projects across Black Mountain and Candler as well. They provide a wide range of landscaping services such as:


Your landscaping should have the right mix of hardscapes and softscapes and other feature such as fire and water elements. A well-balanced landscape will not only increase the curb appeal of your property and act as an excellent backdrop for your home structure, but will increase the value of your property too. The designer will make sure that the plans and themes, the concept and materials complement the look of your property and the surrounding features.

Landscape Design

Homeowners often feel that landscape design is highly overrated and that it doesn’t take much to create appealing open spaces in their front and backyards; and that installing a few plants and trees will help them create a great landscape that will add to the overall beauty of their property. But the fact is that only a skilled and trained landscape designer will be able to ensure that all the elements and features come together in the perfect way to create spaces that look great and function well.

Lawn Care

Lawns add to the appeal of any landscape and even a small patch of green grass can uplift the look of a yard. But anyone that has a lawn on their property knows exactly how difficult it is to keep their lawns in a prime condition. This is where it becomes important to hire the services of a good lawn care company. When you hire skilled professionals for the job, they will mow, aerate, fertilize and care for the grass with regularity. This adds to its beauty and longevity.


A landscaper is a skilled professional who can help create beautiful garden spaces on your property. They will work on your ideas and add some of their own to create practical and aesthetically appealing spaces that look great and perform well. They will ensure that the right features and materials are included in the landscape plans and that you have outdoor spaces that you will love to use and entertain in.

When you hire a professional company Like Fikes Design, you can rest assured that you will get excellent services at very competitive Landscaping cost. These professionals will ensure your yard spaces complement the look and styling of your home and add value to your property.


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