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Garden spaces and landscapes are constantly exposed to climatic changes and the elements; and the features and installations in these spaces can begin to look dull and drab very soon. The best way to ensure that the walkways, pathways, driveway, deck, patio and poolscape stays looking great right round the year, is to get paving stones installed there.

When you want paved landscape spaces that look great and function well, it’s important to hire the services of an experienced and well-established company like Fikes Design. They cater to customers in and around Penrose, Hendersonville, Asheville, and Brevard; have built a solid customer base across Fletcher, Flat Rock, Lake Lure, and Weaverville and have handled a number of projects across Black Mountain and Candler as well. They provide a wide range of services such as:

Installing Pavers

Paver installation isn’t a complex job, as the paver units are installed on compacted sand base and don’t need to be fixed using mortar. But it’s also a specialized job as poorly-installed paving can affect the look of the landscape and the units can shift, rise or settle; which can prove to be a tripping hazard. The one way to prevent this from happening is to get the installation done from experts in the field.

How to Install Pavers

As mentioned earlier, paving is a job that’s best left to the experts. These units are almost like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and the interlocking units have to be fixed together in a pattern. The joints can be sanded and the surface sealed to add to the longevity of the installation. It’s crucial that the job be done with attention to detail and that the sand base be compacted and leveled well. This ensures the paver units will sit well on the sand.

Installing Patio Pavers

Patio spaces are always exposed to the outdoor environment and this makes it important to use materials that will be able to weather the elements. The patio is also a connecting space between the indoor and outdoor areas on your property and the pavers you choose have to complement the look and feel of all these spaces. A skilled landscaper will help you make the right choice and will install the patio pavers expertly.

Installing Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are a popular material used commonly in landscaping projects. This material has an earthy, rustic and welcoming look and complements the appearance of different types of landscapes. Brick paving is also strong and durable and requires minimal maintenance. This means you get value for money and outdoor spaces you will love to use.

Paver Installers

When you are hiring paver installers for your project, make it a point to look for professionals with experience and a good reputation. They will have handled a large number of projects and would be able to complete your job satisfactorily. Not only will they handle the actual installation, but will also advice you on which materials will work best for your setting, requirements and budget.

When you hire a professional company Like Fikes Design, you can rest assured that you will get excellent services at very competitive paver installation cost. These professionals will ensure your yard spaces complement the look and styling of your home and add value to your property.


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