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Landscape Services Penrose, NC We at Fikes Design LLC are one of the leading landscaping companies in Penrose, NC. We have handled a significant number of projects for customers in and around Hendersonville, Asheville, Brevard, and Waynesville. The different services we provide are:

Landscape Design

When you are getting your yard and garden spaces installed its vial that you plan them well and hire experts for the job. Choosing the appropriate materials and hiring experienced professionals is important; but it’s equally important to have a good landscape plan. We provide excellent, custom landscape design solutions and include features such as softscaping, hardscaping, water features, outdoor lighting, paving and more.

Landscaping Installation, Planting & Sodding

This is the second phase of the landscaping project. Once our landscape designing professionals have had comprehensive discussions with you & you approve the design and the quote provided, our installation team starts on this phase. We have experts that ensure the project progresses smoothly, that quality standards are maintained and the work is completed on time. We handle planting and sodding as part of this job and make sure that all the materials and products are sourced from the best nurseries.

Paver & Stone Installation, Driveways, Patios, Walks

When we take up any project, we focus on utilizing materials that will be resilient and long-lasting. It is why we use pavers & stone slabs for installations such as patios, driveways and walks. You can choose between stone, concrete or brick paving and all of these are extremely resilient and weather-resistant. This helps ensure the longevity of the installation. Paving stones are very popular and we can install them on walkways, driveways and other open spaces on your property.

Stone Walls - Dry Stacked & Mortared

Many landscaping projects have retaining wall requirements. These walls can either be dry-stacked or mortared. The latter are more expensive than dry stacked structures, but both these features last for a very long time. We use the best materials in our work and expert stone masons handle the installation. We engineer these walls to perfection and if you like, these structures could have dual functionality as well. They can have planters aligned against them and this adds to their appeal.

Retaining Walls

Every lot of land is different; some properties have very level grading, while others may have slopes. If your landscape has sloping land, you may have to excavate segments of the slope to make space for outdoor features and installations such as a patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, a driveway, walkway and pathway etc. This excavation leaves the mud and rock exposed which can result in mudslides. We can build retaining walls using CMUs, stones, brick, wood etc.

Boulders, Outcroppings & Walls

Many homeowners like to add decorative elements to their landscape and we have installed a number of outcroppings, walls and boulder structures on properties across the region. These elements add a very stunning and unique look to your property and create another dimension in the landscape. These are custom designed features that will be built in proportion to the size and spread of your landscape.

Outdoor Kitchens, BBQs

Outdoor kitchens are almost an integral part of many of our landscaping projects and we also handle yard upgrade projects that include outdoor kitchen design and installation. This space has to be designed well as should complement the look of the interior spaces as well as the landscaped areas. We use weather-resistant materials in this area and ensure they are functional and aesthetically appealing. We make sure there is space for appliances, seating, a fireplace or a water feature if our clients want those. We design counters and storage and provide you all the information you need about the types of fuels to use etc.

Water Features

Fountains, waterfalls, ponds and streams add a very calm and serene atmosphere to your garden or yard. We can custom design any of these features for you and will ensure that its design matches the theme and styling of the other installations in this space. You can choose from stone or concrete fountains, rock waterfalls and meandering streams or even bubbling boulders if you have a more compact landscape. These water features will be designed based on your preferences and budget.

Landscape Lighting

If you want to use your landscape more optimally after dark, you should get the right type of landscape lighting installed. The exterior lighting elements have to be chosen with care and you have options like paver lights, step lights, lamp posts, floodlights, underwater lighting and more. We also provide various energy-efficient solutions and ensure that you get value for money with every job we handle for you. LED lights are 80% more energy-efficient than standard lighting and that means you end up spending much less on your energy bills. We also install relays, transformers and dimmers to improve the energy efficiency of the exterior lighting installations.

Shade Structures, Woodwork Pergolas

Since most of the landscaped areas on your property are exposed to the elements, that’s makes them off limits when the sun is blazing hot, or when it’s raining or very cold. The one way to make better use of your landscape right round the year is to have some shade structures installed in different parts of the yard and garden. You can choose from features such as pergolas, gazebos, arbors etc. based on the level of shade cover you need. We will customize these designs for you and will ensure that you get the kind of landscape you will love to use regularly.

If you are looking for a company that can provide you customized and high-quality services at very competitive landscaping cost, Fikes Design LLC is the company to contact. Speak with our experts at 828-329-8925, and discuss your project details with them.

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