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Water Features Penrose, NC Every landscape is an amalgamation of various features and installations and each of these have a role to play in the overall appearance and function of your landscape. Just as softscaping and hardscaping are integral features of a landscape, many people like to install decorative elements and water features as well.

We at Fikes Design LLC are one of the leading landscape design contractors in Penrose, NC. We have handled a significant number of projects for customers in and around Hendersonville, Asheville, Brevard, and Waynesville.

Many of our clients choose to get water features installed in their yard and garden spaces. Because we custom design these installations, you can get the type of styling and material you really want.

Type of Water Features

There are a number of different water features that add to the beauty and serenity of a landscape, such as:

  • Fountains - These are an all-time favorite and many homeowners want these installations in their yards or garden spaces. These features become the focal point of the landscape and we can then use the theme and styling to design the rest of the features in that space. If you have a larger landscape, you can opt for more than one stone fountain feature too.
  • Ponds - Many people like ponds in their yards and they also choose to add fish and aquatic plants to the water. In this case, the location of the pond has to be chosen with great care as these living creatures require a certain amount of shade to live in. While fish and Koi ponds add a very quaint look to the landscape, these are high maintenance features; it is something you should keep in view while deciding whether you want a pond installed.
  • Waterfalls - A rock waterfall adds a very alluring look to a landscape and alters the entire look of the space. We can provide custom waterfall design and installation services and can include rock outcroppings in the feature as well. You can also opt for a pondless waterfall; as the name suggests, this feature doesn’t have a pond at its base and the water just drains through well -concealed grooves and gets circulated through the system. This feature is ideal for homes with kids and pets as it’s safer without a pond at its base.
  • Bubbling Boulders - If you want to place a water feature in a very compact space, a bubbling boulder is an excellent option. These boulders have pipes installed in them which carry water through to the surface and give them the appearance of a mini-waterfall.

No matter which type of water feature you want installed, we can provide expert solutions based on the size, styling and design of your landscape. If you are looking for a company that can provide you customized and high-quality services at very competitive water feature cost, Fikes Design LLC is the company to contact. Speak with our experts at 828-329-8925, and discuss your project details with them.

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